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Property in Tokyo, Japan
Property in Tokyo is sold at affordable price compared to London and Hong Kong. Even though the property price in Tokyo has rose since 2013, foreign investors from certain countries may find them at reasonable price due to weaken Yen. Those who live in countries in which they have benefit from weaken Yen, the funds on their hand increase.

Property in London is popular for wealthy investors in the world because of its value of assets and market transparency, but the supply is limited. In Greater Tokyo Area, the amount of newly constructed condominium & apartment supply is about 31,000 units in 2019.The number of inventories for Second-hand condominium & apartment in Tokyo is about 1.9 million units in 2019.In 2021, 32,000 units are expected to be built In Greater Tokyo Area, about 17% increased from 27,000 units in 2020.

Nowadays, main foreign investors in Japan are Asian Investors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. In South East Asian countries, such as Thailand and Malaysia, real estate development is quite active. In CBD of Bangkok, Thailand, some of newly constructed condominium price is getting similar to newly constructed condominium & apartment in Osaka, Japan. But investors from South East Asian countries are still rare in Japanese real estate market.

Japanese government calls for investment from foreign investors because Japanese economy could not grow without investment from foreign countries due to deflation, decreasing birthrate and aging population.
(For more details, please see page "Surrounding environment about economy and real estate market in Japan")

Japanese real estate market is opened for foreign investors. Foreign investors could acquire land, building and house in Japan. There is no difference in the rules and conditions between Japanese and foreign investors.