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Consulting agency specialized in the property of CBD in Tokyo!

-Introducing the specially selected properties for investors

We are a real estate consultant which specialized in Tokyo area. We will propose the selected properties based on investor’s purpose of investment, budget and location.

Basic investment in Tokyo

-Income gain & Capital gain

Condominiums are more popular than detached houses for foreign investors. Price of newly constructed condominium & apartment rises due to increase of building material cost. Second-hand condominium & apartment in urban area is getting more popular for foreign investors due to affordable price.

Basic investment is to rent for first 5 years (Income gain) and sell property (Capital gain)after 5 years of possession. Tax rate depends on how long you own property, below is tax rate.

■ Period of ownership is 5 years and less: “Short-term capital gains”→39.63%
(National income tax 30.63%、Local inhabitant tax 9%)
■ Period of ownership is more than 5 years: “Long-term capital gains”→20.315%
(National income tax 15.315%、Local inhabitant tax 5%)

Tax rate above is applied to the residents who register with their local government in Japan. For nonresidents, local inhabitant tax is not imposed but other tax is applicable instead.

Commission to agent & Tax (Real Estate Brokerage Act, Article 46)

-The maximum amount of agent commission is specified in the law (Real Estate Brokerage Act, Article 46)

Property price Agent commission
Less than 2,000,000JPY Within 5% of property price + Consumption tax 10%
More than 2,000,000JPY&
Less than 4,000,000JPY
Within 4% of property price + 20,000JPY +
Consumption tax 10%
More than 4,000,000JPY Within 3% of property price + 60,000JPY+
Consumption tax 10%

Down payment is normally 10% to 20% of property price upon application to purchase.
The balance due is paid when making a sales contract between buyer and seller.

Related taxes and fees

Type of tax Payment due
Real estate acquisition tax 4 to 6 months after ownership transfer
Property registration and license tax When registering ownership
Property tax Per quarter a year
Revenue stamp fee When making a sales contract
National income tax & local inhabitant tax Yearly
Consumption tax 10% When purchasing
Purchase process

1. Buyer’s criteria (purpose of investment, location, and budget)

2. A list of properties that satisfy the buyer’s criteria

3. Property viewing (Online viewing is available now!)

4. Application to purchase with a deposit of 10–20% of property price

5. Jyusetsu(Disclosure statement) by licensed agent *Compulsory by law

6. Sales contract including stamp tax and agent fees

*During the contract closing and possession stages, the following actions are required.

-Preparation of registration documents in lieu of resident proof and name stamp certification.

-Selection of a tax agent in Japan.

-Fund transfer for the sale to be reported to the Ministry of Finance in pursuant to the Foreign Exchange Act.

7. Possession & Registration upon remaining payment

Renovation service

We are good at incorporating latest design and function and our architecture enhances the value of your property. Renovation service after purchasing of second-hand property is available.

For more info, please see our galley page.

Property management, Tax agent service

After purchasing, if you look for tenants, property management agency and tax agent in Japan, these services are available.

For more detail, please contact us!