Types of Investment Plan
Main areas for foreign investors are Tokyo 3 districts and Tokyo 5 districts

There are 23 districts in Tokyo, and the most popular districts from foreign investors are Tokyo 3 districts and Tokyo 5 districts.
Tokyo 3 districts consist of Chiyoda-ward, Chuo-ward and Minato-ward.

Chiyoda-ward: Yūrakuchō, Marunouchi, Hibiya, Otemachi and Kanda.
Chuo-ward: Ginza, Tsukiji, Nihonbashi, Yaesu and Harumi.
Minato-ward: Azabu, Roppongi, Akasaka, Aoyama, Toranomon and Daiba.

Tokyo 5 districts consist of above 3 districts plus Shibuya-ward and Shinjuku-ward.


Beside Tokyo 5 districts, you have more choices. For example, Ikebukuro and Ueno are main terminal stations which connect fringe area by various mass transit lines.

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Suggestions beside Tokyo
Properties outside Tokyo are also available!

-World Expo 2025 in Osaka city (3rd May to 3rd Nov 2025)

OSAKA, KANSAI EXPO 2025 will be held in artificial island called Yumeshima. Foreign tourists from all over the world are expected to visit Japan during this period for 185 days. Kansai International airport is famous for its large LCC (Low Cost Carrier) terminal to welcome foreign tourists. Domestic Investors in Japan keep an eye on investment to properties in Osaka.

-Niseko & Kiroro in Hokkaido

Niseko Kogen is a popular ski resort for foreign tourists, mostly Australian.Niseko used to be not so famous for Japanese people but in the early 2000's, Australian tourists started to visit and become more and more famous in Japan. Recently, Niseko is a popular for tourists from Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Kiroro is another popular ski resort for tourists from Thailand. “Yu Kiroro” and “Kiroro Ski resort” were developed by Property Perfect, a developer from Thailand.

-Okinawa, Fukuoka

Land price in Okinawa recorded the price rise, helped by robust demand for inbound tourism in 2019.Land price climbed in Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu which is an island in West Japan.Fukuoka is one of three major Japanese cities which try to be the next international financial hub.

Other Investment Plan
Invest to Private lodging(Airbnb,etc.)

“Visit Japan Campaign” by Japanese government has launched in 2003.The numbers of foreign tourists grew to 30 million in 2018 from 5 million in 2003 and it caused shortage of accommodations. Private lodging, such as Airbnb is legalized on 15th June 2018 to complement the shortage of accommodation. The law allows leasing their rooms for up to 180 days per year if you register with their local government in advance. No license is needed but Airbnb are prohibited in some buildings or condominiums.
(Private lodging is prohibited in some buildings or condominiums, you need to confirm before purchasing)

The numbers of tourists increases especially from Asian countries.Among them, tourists from Thailand are outstanding.Visa Exemption for Thai Nationals were effective from 1st July 2013.The numbers of tourists from Thailand rose to 1.3 million(1,318,977) in 2019 from 0.4 million(453,642) in 2013.Thailand moved into top 6 in the world and top 1 among South East Asian countries.Thai tourists prefer individual trip rather than trip with group by tour.Airbnb could be a choice of accommodation for Thai tourists.Facebook may be a good tool to attract customers because there are a lot of Facebook users in Thailand.


Shared Residence or Renting to Foreigners in Japan

-Shared Residence

Foreigners like to live with others in same house. That is called share-house business in Japan.You could invest one detached-house and renovate it into Shared Residence.


-"No foreigners, Japanese only"

There still exist landlords who refuse foreign tenants.Demand for foreign tenants rises due to increase of foreigners in Japan.Most of Japanese people are not good at English and tend to avoid foreigners because they don’t have chance to contact foreigners in daily life. We often hear foreigners say finding a room in Tokyo is not easy because guarantor is requested.

About a decade ago, Chinese was the majority of foreigners in Japan, nowadays Vietnamese has increased. Also Burmese and Nepalese have increased.Using Social media (Facebook, Twitter) to attract tenants from same country as you?If tenants speak same language and you understand their culture, it may be easier to rent them than Japanese does it.


Own a second home in Tokyo

Once you travel to Tokyo and like it, owning a residence for your stay in Tokyo?There is a certain number of tourists who visit Tokyo again and again and become repeat customers.When you are not staying, renting it and getting income gain.


*Invest plans above are shown for reference only.You will need to take full responsibility for your action & invest at your own risk.