About Us

We are originally just a landlord of small building in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan. After having rented properties for a certain period of time, we had to renovate properties with outdated design and function, and then we succeeded to rent properties with new style by higher rent.
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Since then, we have been interested in real estate business and have started to invest by ourselves. We acquired land and built apartments. Now all the rooms are occupied and full. For investment, it is important not just controlling costs and pursuing profit but also designing for people who live in there and seeking comfortability for them. We make effort to be chosen from plenty of properties in the same area. To enhance the value of properties, we noticed that architectural knowledge helps us, so we have obtained architecture license.

MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan) wants to improve environment to adjust internationalization of Japanese real estate market. However, Real Estate Agencies in Japan are not really into business with foreign investors. The main investors in Japanese real estate market are Japanese investors. We would like to expand Japan market to foreign investors along the line of MLIT`s policy.

Contact : Takahashi
Licensed Real Estate Agent : No.261453 (Tokyo)
Licensed Architect (2nd Grade) : No.87942

Address: 2-6-11, Minami Ikebukuro Toshima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 171-0022
Tel : +81 80 7020 5550
E-mail: contact@plusdeliberty-tokyo.com
Line ID : plusdeliberty-tokyo
WhatsApp : +81 80 7020 5550
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